SU特別stamp set 團購:截止Oct28th, 11:59pm (已截止)

剛剛收到最新SU promotion: OCT29這一天之內下單的所有stamp set都有八五折優惠
但為了不想大家錯失這個discount,現特設一個特別stamp set團購,
截止: Oct 28, 晚上11:59pm 已截止

因為我要將order send去美國,所以只可以接受deadline前confirm的order
其他貨品(die cut, ribbon, stamp pad etc)可以慢慢睇,下星期再有另一個團購deadline。

Stampin Up的官方message:

for one day only, you and your customers will get 15 percent off almost every stamp we sell!
The goal is to sell more stamps in a single day than ever before, AND we are going to give you prizes for helping us do it. 

Here are the details: (Updated 2:35 PM (MT) 10/25/2012)

  • Starting at 12:00 AM (MT) and ending at 11:50 PM (MT), almost every stamp we sell will be 15 percent off.

This means all stamps in the current catalogs including

    • Background stamps
    • Personalized name stamps
    • Incentive stamp sets from the supply list
    • Cookie press stamps
    • Single-image stamps

This DOES NOT include

    • Hostess sets
    • Bundled stamp sets
    • Digital stamp brush sets

上面紅字提到的single-image stamps是新野,是這樣的:

有某些款式,現在可以以SINGLE STAMP的形式購入。

官網的連結在此, 有以下這些款式:

這套Perfectly Penned 是我很喜歡的新產品之一,之前做的一張butterfly card就是用這個字組印章的:

再提大家多一次:Stamp Set (包括Single Stamp)在OCT 29這一天內下單,有八五折優惠
B+J提供的購物滿HKD$500,會有額外5% discount仍然生效,
即是說,參加這個特別SU Stamp Set團購,買滿HKD$500就會有20% off! 

參加團購截止日期是明晚Oct 28 (SUN) 11:59pm 已截止

要問價,或查詢,請用以下private msg box或email到,謝謝

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One thought on “SU特別stamp set 團購:截止Oct28th, 11:59pm (已截止)

  1. Maggie Lei

      Hello,   How much on ‘Make a Mitten Clear stamp set’? (stamp with punch) Is is stamp set also 15% off?   Thanks!


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