SU Punches

Punch方面,Stampin Up無論大小的punch,都全面採用最新的摺合式把手,

punches big and small

Stampin Up的punch都是由著名打孔器公司EK Success製造


Gift Givers: 每個圖形都有相對應的Punch

Decorative Label Punch

Curly Label Punch

Ornament Punch

Stampin Up另一款很受歡迎的Punch叫做Builder Punch
一個Punch out有多個部件,可以組合成一個圖形/公仔

Owl builder Punch

在不同pattern paper上punch出不同部件….不同顏色配搭,出來的效果次次不同~

同類型的builder punch有個是小鳥造型的,是很多手作人的心頭愛~

Bird Punch

wedding card by vivien

Builder Punch加上同款Stamp Set,可以無限發揮~

Stitched Stocking印章組 + Stocking造型 builder punch

除了大大個的punch之外,stampin up也有推出一些border punch/corner punch

Scallop Trim Border Punch

Scallop Trim Corner Punch

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5 thoughts on “SU Punches

  1. May Wong

    builder punch 小鳥造型 how much ar?

  2. Hi! I am Rita Tang,the one who joined the latest group purchase. I am still very new in blogging. Do you mind if I use your blog for testing the reblogging function? Actually, I am still figuring out how it works. I think you are the one who have been doing much on introducing and advocating cardmaking and scrapbooking in Hong Kong. I also get much information about them from your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Rita, it worked! and your blog looks great! i admire your bilingual blogging! and i love your style (cardmaking), very unique, different from alot of other people. way to go 🙂

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